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garage floor epoxy coating
One of the best ways to preserve your concrete garage flooring is to coat it with epoxy coating. This coating will help keep the floor clean and will prevent damage such as cracks and chips. People often choose epoxy coatings over other types of sealants for concrete floors because epoxy coatings will prevent dust and it is also much more resistant to other types of damage such as chemicals, gasoline, and grease stains. This is also why garage floors are one of the most popular places to apply epoxy coatings.

Before your contractor applies an epoxy coating to your cement surface, he or she will remove any loose pieces of the floor and will pry loose those pieces that are about to break off. This includes removing parts of the floor that are chipped or badly cracked or have debris remaining in the cracks. Your contractor will then clean the grease, dirt or oil from the floor. If the oil and grease is set-in and difficult to remove, your contractor may employ a rotary scrubbing machine to remove it. The floor will then be vacuumed to remove any bits of dirt or grime that are left. Finally, your contractor will strip the surface so that any dirt that remains is removed. The stripper will also give the concrete a rough texture.

cleaned concrete for epoxy coating Next, the floor will be scrubbed again using a rotary stripper and then a shop vac. Once this is complete, the floor will be flooded with water to pick up any remaining debris. It may even take one more round with the rotary stripper and shop vac to ensure that the floor is completely clean and ready for epoxy.

When applying the epoxy, your contractor will use a large paint roller. If there is any detailed work, he or she will complete that with a large paintbrush. Your contractor will make sure the area is well ventilated and will wear the appropriate breathing apparatus. Additionally, he or she will seal off any airways into your home so that you and your family are not exposed to the fumes. Your contractor will ask that you keep the temperature above fifty-five
degrees Fahrenheit so that the epoxy can harden.

applying an epoxy coating to concrete Applying epoxy coating to your cement floor can be a difficult job and many things can go wrong. For this reason you should hire a flooring or cement contractor. These professionals will have the necessary equipment to perform the job properly. Once the coating process is complete and your floor is dry, you are ready to begin enjoying your new surface. You can walk on the floors, put your furniture on the floors and allow pets on them after 24 hours. Epoxy is strong enough to withstand your car after 72 hours. Enjoy your easy to clean floor for years to come!

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