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Polishing Concrete ~ How it works

retail job When it comes to concrete floors, most people thing there's little they can do other than to cover that concrete over with carpet or tile. Well that's not the case any more, now you can have your concrete floors polished to look like a solid stone-like floor. These are smooth non skid surfaces that will also reflect the lighting back up into your space. Polished concrete also helps to keep down the dust that comes from unfinished concrete floors. Have you ever wondered why your warehouse or large concrete area is always dusty? It's simple, traffic moving over your unfinished floor will slowly eat away at the surface, and that makes little pockets of loose dry concrete.

polishing pads Add a fork lift or lots of people walking and the dust just seems to magically appear. What we do is come in and polish your concrete's top layer, the thin exterior of the surface. Then when we have a nice clean layer, we polish that layer with diamond pads, and then use special chemicals to actually harden the surface. When all the steps are completed, you end up with a beautiful surface that also gets rid of the dust! Most people ask if this new surface is slippery, and the answer is no. While the surface looks shiny and glass like, it can be made non skid when worked out properly.

glossy concrete finish There are many benefits to having your old concrete polished. One is obviously the removal of excess concrete dust in the air, and that means less wear and tear on your air conditioning unit's filtration system and coils. Another benefit is that concrete polishing actually helps to reflect the light back up into your work space; this helps to reduce the lighting costs for your areas. Give us a call and find out from a contractor if concrete polishing is right for your floor. We have the right professional equipment to get the job done correctly the first time. We also can help you fix other contractors mistakes. It doesn't cost anything to have a pro come out and give you a free estimate and analysis for your floors. Click on the find a contractor link to contact your local concrete polishing contractor.

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