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Resurfacing Concrete - Concrete Floor Resurfacing

a resrufaced concrete floor Concrete flooring, countertops, and other surfaces can bring a beautiful and fresh look to any space. But over time, that concrete will begin to break down and may become extremely stained and dirty, chipped, or may begin to crack. That is when you know itís time to call your local contractor to resurface your concrete. Resurfacing concrete is an inexpensive and easy way to bring the fresh look back to your concrete and extend its life for years.

concrete cracks and chips resurfaced
The small cracks or chips that concrete may acquire over time can seem like unsightly inconveniences when they first appear, but if left unrepaired these blemishes can ruin the integrity of the concrete and allow further damage to occur. Left unrepaired, these cracks can completely ruin your driveway, patio or floor leaving you with no choice but to go through the hassle and expense of having a contractor rip up the old concrete and lay new. Don't let damaged concrete break your bank, simply resurface and begin to once again enjoy beautiful like-new concrete.

What to expect when you hire a contractor

When you hire a contractor to resurface your concrete, the first thing they will do is thoroughly clean the area. The best way to do this is with a pressure washer. It takes a very small amount of residual dirt on the surface of your concrete to botch the resurfacing. Since dust and dirt can crop up easily from any chips or cracks your concrete has, itís important for your contractor to thoroughly clean those areas.

smooth concrete floor finish Once the concrete is thoroughly clean and dry, your contractor will use a trowel to fill any blemishes in your concrete. They will use a resurfacing material and apply it carefully to ensure that the crack or chip is completely filled, but not over filled. Once the resurfacing material has been applied, it will be left to harden.When the resurfacing material has hardened, your contractor will soak the surface and mop up any standing water. Once this is complete, itís time to spread the concrete resurfacing. Concrete is a smooth, easily spread surface that will become your new floor. If you want stained concrete or have any other form of coloring (excluding paint) that you want to add, your contractor will add it during this stage of resurfacing the concrete.

Using a squeegee, your contractor will spread out the concrete after they have poured a small amount onto the flooring surface. Concrete will begin to harden as soon as you pour it, so your contractor must make quick work of the spreading. Long strokes that overlap each other will help to ensure that the resurfaced concrete finish is smooth and looks like new. You may notice that some of the concrete begins to gather into small balls as your contractor spreads it over the surface. This is nothing to be concerned about since the balls are easily swept away once the concrete is dry.When the entire concrete resurfacing has been done, it should be left to dry undisturbed for at least six hours. Don't drive cars on it or allow people to walk on it as it will not be completely dry, even when the surface appears to be so.

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