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Grinding Concrete - Getting to a fresh layer

floor grinding industrial The first thing people think about when grinding concrete, is usually for evening up two surfaces where the joints of a floor or side walk meet. But Grinding concrete now is used to prep most concrete flooring surfaces, over the entire floor, using specialized machines that with industrial diamond bits.

These bits tear through the top layers to help expose a fresh new surface. Most people wonder if they will be affecting the structural integrity of their floor with grinding; but you don't have to go down far into the concrete to find the fresh layer. Some times it's only an 1/8th of an inch away from the top.

Your local concrete grinding contractor also has access to equipment that can actually tear up the concrete if you need to remove unusually large amounts of concrete that need to be removed. As the machine is moving along doing its job, you will notice a large industrial vacuum following the workers around, this is to help keep the dust down while grinding.

hand held grinder for concrete There are also an array of handheld tools that grinders work with. Most of the hand helds are for edging and doing repair work. As with most flooring jobs, you'll need to use a professional crack filler for the bad areas that are in need of repair. Your local contractor has access to products not found on the open market; these products are guarant

eed, and will make the job right the very fist time. Once the surface has been grinded down evenly, you can then decide if you want to polish it out, add an epoxy, or just have the natural bare concrete sealed. For most people, the bare raw floor is too rough, and a more finished surface is more appropriate. A finished surface is also much easier to clean, as a rougher unfinished surface will harbor dirt and dust that finds it's way in.

Talk to your local concrete polishing contractor near you and find out what your options are. They have seen your problems before, and can help you find the best solution for your concrete flooring needs.

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