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Concrete Polishing - Polished Concrete Floors

concrete polishing a floor Welcome to, the industry leader for polished concrete floors, and concrete polishing contractors. Concrete polishing is becoming the main solution for dull concrete floors. Whether Industrial, Commercial, Retail and even Residential, having your concrete floors polished will turn them into works of art. Aver basic understanding is that an old layer is sanded off with diamonds, and then chemical densifier is added to harden the surface, and then this surface can be polished to a glass like, non skid surface.

There's a very good chance that you have already been exposed to polished concrete surfaces. Many of the larger drug stores and retail stores are moving toward this solution for their newer locations; you may have also seen it in nicer restaurants and high end department stores. They all have different levels of polishing, and some even incorporate logos and color work to the concrete floor.

We can help you choose from a wide variety of concrete colors and even grinding down to expose some of the aggregate, (rocks in the concrete mix), this will give your floor a kind of "natural rock terrazzo" look. If you're pouring a new foundation, talk to your architect about getting full aggregate for your foundation. Polished concrete really looks beautiful and helps with light reflection, making dark places a little brighter.

concrete acid stainingRemember, no one likes to clean a floor, but concrete polishing cuts down cleaning time significantly. A light detergent damp mop gets your floors clean in minutes, and in industrial applications, there's no more use of harsh chemicals, and you could expect to reduce your cleaning costs by half. There are many different levels of polishing that can be achieved with polished concrete, a light surface polish to help keep it clean looking and prevents dust from being kicked up. Concrete polishing cuts down the amount of contamination dust being moved around by air conditions and circulators, further slashing your cleaning costs.

Twenty years ago people didn't even think about grinding concrete, the only options for covering those old floors was with carpet and VCT floor tiles. Pick up the phone and talk with an actual concrete polishing contractor about your project; they are trained professionals and love what they do. Some jobs need to be scheduled 30 days in advance, find out if we can help you make the deadline.

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