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How a Concrete Floor is Painted

multi colored concrete floor When you need to find something fast and cheap to coat a concrete floor, concrete paint might just be the answer for you. If it is a lightly used flooring surface, it might last you 5-10 years; but if it's a heavily foot trafficked area, then you'll be lucky to get a couple of years out of it.

That being said, it is still a fast way to transform a concrete floor, but does not compare to polishing or epoxy. The first thing that will be done is to go over the concrete area with regular water, to wet the top surface so it is not dry. Next, an acid mixture is prepared for washing down the concrete slab; and this helps both with cleaning and also giving a slight etch to the surface. You need to do this step to help the product adhere to the surface.

Then it's time for washing, and if it's a large inside retail or industrial area, then you'll usually see an auto scrubber being driven around picking up the after wash. If you're outside, then you'll most likely see a pressure washer. And remember, simply hosing it off does not guarantee that you'll get the mold and gunk out from the concrete pores, it needs to be professionally cleaned out.

pressure washer for concrete Depending on the humidity and degree of water saturation, you might have to wait a day or two until the slab has wicked out all of the moisture from the washing. Then we broom off any dust or pieces that may have gathered from the cleaning. Once the surface is ready to paint, tape is applied to special areas to help keep the paint where it should be, and not where you don't want it.

The first area to be painted are the edges, and this "cutting of the edge" will usually dry before the floor is rolled out; especially if using a water based concrete flooring paint. When the edging is done, then it's time to use a short nap roller to roll out the floor. Special care is used to make sure no dirt is being dragged onto the floor while painting. If someone leaves the floor, have a mat or trash towel to wipe your feet off when coming back onto the surface, and make sure your roller tray is clean on the bottom.

floor paint textured surface After the first coating is dry, it's time to go around and look for little bits and pieces that are have blemished the surface, and using a paint scraper, just scrape them out. Then the surface is dry cleaned with a broom or professional vacuum. The second coating is applied, with special attention to filling in the little pits/tiny holes. Then the surface is allow to cure, usually most products instruct to wait 72 hours before using, but we say the longer the better.

Painting concrete is a quick way to transform your floor. If you're interested in having your floors done right, talk to a contractor and find out if concrete paint is a viable option for your flooring solution. Your local contractor can tell you if it's going to work for you. Call them today for a free estimate, you'll be glad you did.

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