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polished concrete in Connecticut Concrete flooring is used in most commercial facilities across the state of Conneticut, and the option to polish the concrete has grown in popularity over the last fifteen years. Property developers are always looking for a more durable and cost effective approach to flooring that is not only attractive but has a staying power that holds up to heavy equipment and foot traffic. Polished concrete proves time and time again that when compared to other types of flooring options it has many more advantages, making it the floor of choice.

Below is a quick look at the top three most common advantages for the use of polished concrete on a commercial facility floor. Easy To Clean - One of the biggest advantages in selecting polished concrete over other flooring options is the fact that you can quickly and easily clean concrete that has been polished; where as cleaning and maintaining other types of floors takes longer per cleaning, requires frequent maintenance and costs more in cleaning products and labor. A concrete polished floor can be cleaned quickly and easily with the use of a wet, damp or dry mop and a neutral Ph cleaner or a cleaner with a PH up to nine.

Long Lasting - Concrete has the reputation as one of the strongest building materials. For centuries it has been used in various forms and has proved its longevity. Therefore, a polished concrete floor will last for a long time. Additionally, over time a polished concrete floor that has been densified during installation will not absorb stains and spills and can easily be removed. Tire marks from vehicles and machinery are also non-existent.

Great For Any Commercial Facility - Whether it is a retail store, warehouse, restaurant, distribution center or manufacturing facility, polished concrete is a perfect fit for any floor. A concrete floor that has been polished looks great with a natural finish or enhanced by stains or dyes. With the use of color, aggregate in the mixture or scoring and cutting techniques, a concrete polished floored will not only look nice, it will transform a normal concrete slab into a unique, one of a kind floor.

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