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Cape Coral - Ft Myers
Concrete Polishing Contractor

Don Endriss (954) 278-3255
Cape Coral, Florida

Additional Info: Let us help you to transform you concrete floors into a work of art. You don't have to leave your concrete to crumble and chalk, you don't have to cover them up, we can take your concrete floors and turn them into a beautiful solid surface. Polished concrete is often referred to as poor mans terrazzo, and some of the finishes will amaze you.

Call me today at (954) 278-3255 for a free estimate and find out why concrete polishing is the most affordable flooring solution for Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Retail concrete floors.

We service Cape Coral - Ft Myers area, and all points in between. notice: When hiring a contractor or performing work for a new customer, it is important
that both parties verify each other before moving forward with a restoration or concrete polishing floor project.

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