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Chris Paisley - 773-942-2624
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Are you looking to update your concrete floor surface? Then give us a call and let us help you discover the endless possibilities of Concrete Polishing. The low cost of a professionally polished concrete floor will amaze you, concrete floor polishing also reduces dust, increases the light reflection back up into the area space, and that lowers your electric lighting costs.

You might have seen polished concrete flooring in many industrial, retail and commercial applications, but with the advancements in concrete coloring and custom design options, concrete polishing is making it's way into homes and upscale establishments.

Your old concrete floors can be updated to reduce floor cleaning costs, and you never have to cover that old concrete again with materials that end up being thrown away every 5-8 years. Polished concrete is the eco-friendly way to finally help solve that old question of what to do with your old concrete flooring.

With concrete polishing there's no more flaking, stains, dust and odors; polish those concrete floors to a shiny skid resistant surface and just clean them up with a damp mop. We're happy to come out and give you a demonstration and show you your finishing options. Call today and let us explain the process.

Chris Paisley - 773-942-2624
Chicago, IL 60173

Additional Info: We're available in the Chicago, Evanston, Oak Lawn, Cicero Elmhurst, Naperville, Aurora, Orland Park, Arlington Heights, Elgin, Joliet and most places near by.

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Other services we offer concerning concrete flooring are: Concrete Grinding, Polished Concrete, Polished Cement, Concrete Floor Polishing, Concrete Polishing, Cement Polishing, Concrete Floor Staining, Stained Concrete Floors, Cement Grinding, Concrete Sealing, Staining Concrete, Polishing Concrete Floors and Concrete Coatings. notice: It is the responsibility of the contractor and the customer to validate and
verify each other before entering into a concrete polishing, restoration or other concrete flooring contract.

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