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Chris Paisley - 773-942-2624
Metro East, IL 62222

Let us show you how concrete polishing can change the way your floors look and transform the overall area of your building. You've already seen polished concrete flooring in the metro east area, commercial properties, office buildings, retail stores, large drug stores and the big hardware stores; now concrete floor polishing is making it's ways into residential and even posh upscale gathering areas.

For years people have tried new ways to solve the old problem of what to cover those flaking dusty concrete floors with. We urge you to learn about concrete polishing, having your floors polished will cut down on cleaning costs, all you need is a light detergent. It also reflects the light back up from the floor and that cuts electrical costs. The best thing is, you never have to replace the floor again, and it looks great

We can transform your ugly concrete subsurfaces into beautiful flooring, and the choice of colors is endless. It costs less that other solutions that have to be replaced every 5-8 years, your polished concrete floors can be colored to look like solid stone; and if you're going to pour a brand new building foundation, then you need to consider having your cement company deliver your mix with a full aggregate.

Every body has seen terrazzo flooring, well if we grind down about 1/8th of an inch of the cream from the top of your slab, you will see the stones start to become exposed, and it looks incredible! Call us today and let us answer your questions, we can even come out and perform a demonstration on your floors to see what it can look like.

Chris Paisley - 773-942-2624
Metro East, IL 62222

Additional Info: Give us a call if you are in the Metro East, Belleville, Fairview Heights, Waterloo, Alton, waterloo, Red Bud, Mascoutah, Springfield, Pana, Litchfield and Jacksonville areas

We're the company to call when thinking about concrete polishing as your flooring solution. Give us a call today!

Other services we offer concerning concrete flooring are: Concrete Floor Staining, Concrete Sealing, Sawing, Stained Concrete Floors, Cement Grinding, Polished Cement, Concrete Floor Polishing, Concrete Polishing, Cement Polishing, Staining Concrete, Polishing Concrete Floors, Concrete Grinding, Polished Concrete and Concrete Coloring. notice: It is the responsibility of the contractor and the customer to validate and
verify each other before entering into a concrete polishing, restoration or other concrete flooring contract.

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