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Chris Paisley - 773-942-2624
Rockford, IL 61104

Polished concrete floors is the superior flooring solution finish for shopping malls, retail stores, colleges and even your home. A plain concrete slab can be turned into an impressive high gloss finish via this eco friendly way without sacrificing its slip resistance. If your floor has been previously coated with paint or tile, no problem, we can remove that and polish your floor to a beautiful new easy to maintain finish. Concrete polishing turns any ordinary floor into a stain resistant and cost-effective asset to your business without any harsh chemicals or mess.

Polished concrete is highly durable, resistance to scuffing and cuts down the spread of dust. You will even save money by reducing your lighting costs and it will last forever there by reducing its overall costs of other replacement coverings. It is also extremely low maintenance, most of the time requiring only need an occasional wet mopping, for other areas that have received lots of traffic and abuse, a quick concrete cleaning and sealing might be all you need.

At Concrete Contracting Solutions Inc., we have extensive experience in polishing concrete floors and can handle any commercial, industrial, or residential concrete floor polishing or repair job; including concrete grinding, and concrete floor repair. Give us a call a for free estimate on your polishing concrete needs, and let us see how we can bring your old floors back to life and make them look modern.

Chris Paisley - 773-942-2624
Rockford, IL 61104

Additional Info: We're available in the Rockford, Machesney Park, Loves Park, Cherry Valley, Belvidere, Roscoe, Prairie Ridge, Rockton, Poplar Grove, Rochelle, Freeport, Marengo

We're the company to call when thinking about concrete polishing as your flooring solution. Give us a call today!

Other services we offer concerning concrete flooring are: Polished Cement, Concrete Floor Polishing, Concrete Polishing, Cement Polishing, Staining Concrete, Polishing Concrete Floors, Concrete Grinding, Polished Concrete, Concrete Floor Staining, Stained Concrete Floors, Cement Grinding, Concrete Sealing and Concrete Coatings. notice: It is the responsibility of the contractor and the customer to validate and
verify each other before entering into a concrete polishing, restoration or other concrete flooring contract.

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