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Concrete Polishing - Polishing Concrete Floors

nice polished floor You won't believe what your old gray concrete floors will look like with concrete polishing. It's the most affordable way to convert your floor to a permanent non slip concrete flooring surface solution. No more carpet to pull up, tile glue to grind off, endless waxing and stripping, just a beautiful easy to clean surface that can last for 25 years.

Your floors will also reflect more light back from above cutting lighting costs. It virtually eliminates dust problems as it seals the concrete floor to a stone like surface. If you're looking to match your floor color to the rest of your designer's décor, we can color your concrete to your custom colors.

We use professional diamond grinding machines, and these machines literally take off that flaking chalky top layer you want to get rid of. Most floors look great with an 1/8" inch grinded off, some people like to go a little deeper for the stones to be exposed; this is considered a pebble terrazzo look, and everyone in the flooring biz knows a new terrazzo floor can cost $25 S/F. You can have this same look, for a fraction of the cost, no kidding.

color stained floor If concrete polishing might be the answer to your concrete flooring problems, then give us a call and we'll get you a free estimate and analysis of what it would take to make them look great. We work with Industrial, Commercial, Retail and large residential concrete polishing projects. You won't believe how affordable it is compared to all other flooring options, and remember that it's a permanent solution. Give your local concrete polishing contractor a call today, or fill out our estimate form, it's the right thing to do.

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