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Cleaning Your Concrete Floors

a clean concrete floor Salt, engine oil, grease and grime call all weaken the agents that chemically bond and hold your concrete substructure together. Over time, these uncleaned areas cause the concrete to fail, and you'll find yourself looking at dark spots that lead to early deterioration.

When cleaning small areas of concrete you might be able to get away with using a pressure washer. Try and find something around 3,000PSI for best results. You may want to consider renting or purchasing a circular concrete surface pressure washer. But with larger areas like retail, commercial, industrial or warehouses, you will need a contractor with an auto scrub machine. An auto scrub machine can make quick clean work of dirty concrete floors, that is if the stains have been pretreated.

supplies for cleaning concrete One important thing about pre-treating stains is trying to identify the actual contaminant. If there was once a leaky machine that slowly dripped oil onto a spot year after year, you're going to need a degreaser, if it was some other chemical, you'll need to research out what best breaks it down and use the correct product. Your local concrete cleaning contractor is familiar with most of the stains, and can make quick work at correcting the problem.

Once you have dealt with the treating of the stains, and removed the dirt from the rest of your concrete floor, it's time to finish things up. Most concrete cleaning jobs are finished with a good sealer applied to the finished surface. The over the counter sealers they sell at the big hardware stores are not as strong as some of the products your local concrete polishing contractor has access to.

concree stained with oil If you take care to make sure your concrete floors are cleaned and sealed properly they will last you a good long time. If you're interested in cleaning up your concrete floors, give your local concrete polishing contractor a call and let them come out to give you an estimate and analysis of your flooring needs.

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