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It's important for business owners in Alabama to choose the right kind of floor for their commercial building. Choosing a floor finish or floor covering for a concrete slab floor in a commercial building can be a time consuming decision. However, recently concrete polishing has gotten many people's attention as a long-lasting and economical choice. Why? Here are several reasons.

Remember, when you purchase a polished concrete floor; this is a substantial investment that you will live with for years to come. The cost and installation price of a concrete polished floor by Concrete Reflections does vary in cost per square foot depending on total square footage to be polished and the level of shine you choose. It initially may cost more than other flooring options, but concrete flooring that is polished saves money over the long haul.

A polished concrete floor provides numerous benefits, some which save you money such as lower energy costs, reducing infrastructure lighting cost, significantly less maintenance, and the floor lasts forever, removing replacement costs.

It's true; flooring of all kinds requires some maintenance. But polished concrete's maintenance costs are reduced because it will only require occasional wet mopping with a light soap. You can then dry mop on occasion. Both are easy and are require very little money.

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Concrete Reflections Inc   (352) 258-9232

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