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Chris Paisley   812-962-9181
Evansville, In 47710

Let us show you how concrete polishing can transform and update your commercial, industrial, residential and retail concrete floors. If you have flaking dusty concrete floors, then you need to consider having your concrete polished before covering it up. It cleans up easy with a mild detergent and costs much less than carpeting and replacing vinyl tiles.

We polish the top layer of your concrete with diamond bits and harden the concrete so that it's stain resistant and also eliminates concrete dust. A polished concrete floor will also reduce lighting costs since it reflects light back up into your area space. If you have high traffic areas across your concrete floors, then you know how much dust gets everywhere, this is eliminated with concrete polishing.

Give us a call today and let us explain the process, show you what your color options are, and even do a demonstration to show you what concrete polishing is all about. If you're looking to pour a new foundation, there is an option for having your concrete delivered with a full aggregate (the stones) within the mix; we can polish off the top 1/8th of an inch to expose this rock, and it's often mistaken for Terrazzo. You will be amazed how your concrete floors look when we're finished.

Chris Paisley   812-962-9181
Evansville, In 47710

Additional Info:Servicing Evansville, Wadesville, Newburgh, Boonville, Mt Vernon, Wadesville, Ross Center, Eagle Crossing, Rolling Greens, Diamond Stringtown, Alvord Boulevard and most places near by. notice: When hiring a contractor or performing work for a new customer, it is important
that both parties verify each other before moving forward with a restoration or concrete polishing floor project.

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