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Chris Paisley   (828) 333-7550
Asheville 28805 - Charlotte 28207, NC

Let us show you how beautiful we can make your concrete floors with concrete polishing. Most people struggle with deciding how to cover or deal with their old concrete floor surfaces. No longer do you have to glue tile or carpeting down to that concrete, with polished concrete, the floor itself becomes the surface.

Whether you are updating you warehouse, office, outdoor space or commercial area, concrete floor polishing is the most cost effective way to transform and modernize your substructure concrete flooring. We can even grind off a little of the cream finish at the top and expose the aggregate (stones in the concrete) and give the illusion of terrazzo.

Polishing concrete floors cuts down on airborne dust, it reflects the light back up into your surface space, and also is easier to clean. Concrete polishing is the best answer, and most affordable solution to solving that old question of what to do with that flaking dusty concrete floors. Call us today and let us explain the process and costs.

Whether you're dealing with a commercial, retail, industrial or even residential application, call us now and lets talk, we can help.

Chris Paisley   (828) 333-7550
Asheville 28805 - Charlotte 28207, NC

Additional Info:We work in Asheville, Charlotte, Johnson City, Waynesville, Arden, Hendersonville, Marion, Gastonia, Concord, Lincolonton, Matthews, Monroe, Johnson City, TN, Rock Hill, Rock Hill, Hickory, Kannapolis, Huntersville and most places near by. notice: When hiring a contractor or performing work for a new customer, it is important
that both parties verify each other before moving forward with a restoration or concrete polishing floor project.

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