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With over 20 years of experience J. Kehnel is a leader in the concrete floor restoration industry. We specialize in commercial / industrial concrete floor polishing, epoxy coatings and concrete floor grinding. We utilize some of the highest quality diamond grinders, diamond tools and materials available in the industry today. Our dust free system gives our customers the comfort in knowing there will be a clean and safe environment maintained during their project. Our attention to detail from the start of every project through its completion ensures each and every customer receives a finished product which meets or exceeds their expectations.

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We take pride in offering our customers the highest level of service and satisfaction by listening to their specific needs and then giving them the results that fit. From working with customers budgetary requirements to fitting into their unique work schedules we ensure that the entire process is handled with only the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship. Give us a call today and see if you qualify for a free demonstration and sample. Let us show you why J. Kehnel is the right choice when it comes to addressing all of your concrete floor restoration needs. Give us a call!

J. Kehnel Immediate Concrete Repair, Inc.

Jason Kehnel - 610-972-5247
Allentown, PA notice: It is the responsibility of the contractor and the customer to validate and
verify each other before entering into a concrete polishing, restoration or other concrete flooring contract.

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